No longer here

2017-06-29 13:10:40 by KorpzeAudio

Right, so. If anyone is still following me or manage to find out about my music through here, this message is for you. I'm no longer going to be posting here, but everything will remain here for archive. For the time being, I am posting my music exclusively here:

As well as potential premium songs or albums:


2011-08-11 13:57:01 by KorpzeAudio

Everything is going slow for me. I find it hard to make songs now. My skill is still there but the motivation is not, I suppose.

Woo useless post

2011-01-12 20:03:36 by KorpzeAudio

I'm not much into NewGrounds as I used to be, pretty much the only thing keeping me here is the organization and comments, other than that I cant find a reason to keep coming back. Now, I might upload a few songs here and there if I feel like it, but don't expect it (unless you message me to, I always love to get a message unless its hateful or a link to a vicious site [ lol vicious site ] ). I will be uploading my stuff on other site(s).

Blah blah blah, words on a page, useless post.

[Pic below pretty much explains it]

Woo useless post


2010-06-29 18:14:46 by KorpzeAudio

If anyone's reading this, I'm gonna try to make more songs and post on here.

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2010-01-28 21:30:01 by KorpzeAudio

Useless post!
this account <-Meh I'm not gonna switch now, but I am keeping the account so no impostor tries to take my name.

:O !

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Computer messed up

2009-12-21 21:01:25 by KorpzeAudio

Yeah, my computer is messed up, so I'm unable to create any songs or anything that was on my computer until its fixed (if its fixed). If it is unable to be fixed... then the worse thing that can happen is for me to get a new computer, which wont happen in like a pretty long time. Hopefully its fixed sometime.

I like to make songs for Christmas (not necessarily Christmas sounding songs, but just any song just for the moment), but whatever I'll see what happens.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

My comp's motherboard is burnt down (as I was told), so.. I probably will not get it fixed (or get a new computer) for a while now.

ALSO I have a new account that I MIGHT switch to. But I'll log on here more often until I get a song on the other account (IF I get a song on there or not). I will still check on here often if I do switch to the other account though... but we will see I guess.


2009-08-05 18:07:33 by KorpzeAudio

Please, if you like the song you hear from me, share it with your friends, I would love to see more people commenting!

Also, I might, but probably wont soon, make a new account named Korpor4l (because I don't like this name I chose lol), or maybe something else but probably Korpor4l (depends). So yeah, if you see I am inactive for a VERY long time, I switched to a new account, but don't worry, if I do, I'll be SURE to link to it from here.

If you wish to collab with me, you must have Fruity Loops Studio 8 (because its all I use, and all I'm good at). Just PM me if you want (which I'm sure nobody will).

I use these VST's:
And rarely:
And the rest that come free with FL Studio 8.

If you like garrysmod/team fortress 2/half-life 2/left 4 dead videos, check out my vidoes: rpz&view=videos (their mostly random and funny or stupid, I also have some of my songs on there too, and other stuff, but mainly those games I said up there)


Here is a Garrysmod dance video thing or something I made:

/* */


2008-06-16 21:53:15 by KorpzeAudio

This is my new profile that I will upload my music on, and maybe do things like vote and things like that on my other account.
You can find my old account here: Korpze
You can also find my previous made music here: Korpze Music
Info about my album (also link to my YouTube Page): Album Info/JooTube Account
This pic under here was made by me, Including the header and Avatar, but I like the picture below the best.
If I can get a good recorder, I can get to start recording my guitar/drums (and many other stuff). That probably isnt gonna be soon though, but sure is on my wish-list (also including good headphones).
I made this with PAINT (pic below).